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Wanted Ads

Item Name/Description Price Wiling To Pay Date Posted
Saab 99 Turbo CC
Should be European model, preferably located in Europe, but models located in US welcome too. up to 30000 for a really nice model in Europe...(View More)
$30,000.00 4/18/18
grill/headlight bezel
looking for a grill and headlight bevels in good condition...(View More)
$100.00 4/13/15
saab 99 air conditioner system
I'm looking for the air conditioning syatem for my 1978 saab 99 turbo. Can someone help me? Price stated is only to fulfiil the form .thanks Regards. Antonio...(View More)
$1,000.00 10/31/14
99 Turbo 3 door
I am looking for nice 99 3-door turbo, LHD, in good condition, ready to use....(View More)
$10,000.00 5/5/14
Saab 99 Turbo
Im looking for a good running Saab 99 Turbo in the western United States. Willing to pay more for nicer ones....(View More)
$4,000.00 10/30/13
1978 Saab 99 Turbo
I've been looking for a 99T forever and whenever it seems I can buy one, they all disappear from the market. I'm looking for a moderately well running and complete vehicle. It doesn't need to be in pe...(View More)
$5,000.00 10/29/13
1978 SAAB 99 Turbo
Interested in a 1978 SAAB 99 Turbo, in good condition , running, in any color, willing to import it to the USA from Europe. If you ask me, I would prefer the Acacia green color, but different color...(View More)
$15,000.00 10/13/13
saab 99 turbo
I am looking for a UK RHD 99 turbo 3 door or 2 door I have owned a total of 7 saab 99 includng 2 turbo's and a 900 turbo...(View More)
$6,000.00 3/6/13
SAAB 99 Turbo
Looking for preferably a 1978 SAAB 99 Turbo in as original condition as possible, to add to my current SAAB collection. You set the price, will discuss it......(View More)
$10,000.00 2/16/13
1978 99 Rear Seats
Wanted: Rear seats for a 1978 Saab 99, cardinal red/burgundy in color. Will take just the fabric or entire seats. Tears or faded seats are acceptable. I don't need the headrests. Pat...(View More)
$150.00 2/5/13
I am looking for the fiberglass headliner for a 99 3 doors no sunroof . I am not concern about the foam...(View More)
$75.00 12/11/12
99 Turbo 3 door
I am looking for a three door car for restoration or a good car to use. Any car considered but I am looking for RHD and a UK car....(View More)
$5,000.00 11/23/12
99 Turbo
I'm looking for a Saab 99 turbo in good condition. Willing to pay more for a really nice one. Would prefer RHD. Cheers, Pete....(View More)
$10,000.00 9/13/12
Electric Wire Harness
Need a complete Wire harness front and back from a 78-80 J├Ârgen Trued Stockholm Sweden...(View More)
$100.00 6/23/12
Turbo Emblem
I'm looking for a rear hatch turbo emblem and also the front grill turbo emblem. Let me know what you have and how much you want. Thanks...(View More)
$0.00 12/26/11
complete rally car
hi there, for a friend of mine, a true Saab soul, I am looking for a complete rally 99T for hobby oldtimer racing. Can anyone help and maybe point me to a reasonable deal? Thanks, Tomas...(View More)
$0.00 9/7/11
american twin headlights + louvre
Hi i'm after american twin headlights plus a rear window louvre for my 99 turbo if anyone could help cheers...(View More)
$150.00 8/4/11
Turbo air pipes upper + lower
The two pipes the casted with the turbo text and the pipe just below in aluminum....(View More)
$100.00 7/31/11
Water injection kit
Complete original Saab kit also called the "S"...(View More)
$200.00 7/31/11
Turbo gauge
In good condition please...(View More)
$50.00 7/31/11
Exterior TURBO badges 77-79
Looking for the original turbo badges silver in black...(View More)
$100.00 7/31/11
Tail Light Lens
1978 99 Turbo: Need both tail light lens or tail light assemblies and two plastic grill pieces that go on the dashboard...(View More)
$100.00 2/28/11
Saab 99 turbo
Looking for a Saab 99 turbo. Please take note car must reach Italy. Thanks. Sincerely...(View More)
$3,500.00 2/15/11
99 ems or turbo
looking for a clean ems or turbo 99 ....prefer a notch any nicely done 900 transplants considered...(View More)
$10.00 1/16/11
1981 99T Clutch Master Cylinder
Tried to use a seal kit due to non-availability (?) in UK & Europe. Just put a new clutch on my 99T so require the Master Cylinder to test it etc.. Accept pre-used but would prefer "new" part. P...(View More)
$100.00 7/25/10
D-jet intake
D-jet intake manifold for 1985cc b engine. Throttle body not a must, but wouldn't hurt....(View More)
$25.00 2/17/10
99 Turbo
Looking for a really nice 99 Turbo. Prefer Cardinal Red, but open to others. Thanks!...(View More)
$10,000.00 1/21/10
Please help: Fuel level transmitter for my 1980 99 Turbo....(View More)
$100.00 1/16/10
US Grille
Hi all, I'm after a good condition grille (with or without lamp trim) for a US 99. Money or an EU setup available. What have you? :)...(View More)
$0.00 10/19/09
99LE or 99turbo
WTB a 99 series car 1974- 1978 or 78 turbo, looking for lower miles and excellent condition car.No projects. 900 series motor conversions considered if otherwise stock.Also willing to consider partia...(View More)
$8,000.00 6/10/09
1978 SAAB 99 Turbo in good condition, not mod
To be discussed...(View More)
$8,500.00 5/25/09
Saab 99 turbo 2-D black Saloon 1980-81
Have sought a long time for a good original Black 99t-1980/81 in good condition without a history of "tweeking or other alternations. Some technical malfunctions, sagging headliner etc no problem- ...(View More)
$3,600.00 2/27/09
Bumper strips, chrome front/rear
Looking for new bumper strips (chrome, front and rear) for my 1978 99T. They are not sold in The Netherlands anymore. Original Saab part numbers 7873524 (front) and 8254831 (rear). I only need new, OE...(View More)
$50.00 11/24/08
US-front wanted
A complete US-front with all features involved wanted. From fair to perfect condition will be concidered. A complete EU-front in very good condition is available for "trading" to a US feature as ...(View More)
$250.00 9/3/08