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Car Details

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  • City: capriolo ( brescia )
  • VIN: 99781021160
  • Model Year: 1978
  • Mileage: 66,487 miles (107,000 kilometers)
  • Color: Red
  • Original Owner: No
  • Owner Since: 1991
  • Running: Yes
  • Current Use: In Restoration

now i'm going to finish this car.
is the secon tyme that i restore it.
runs perfect.
all rebuilt.
engine new, gear box new.
alloys new, all rubbers new.
rear bilstein and spring new.
turbo new.


i have found this car in 1991 in bergamo from a car dealer. i was unluky because when i buyed it the car dealed tod me that 2 months before he delite another one 99 turbo black and one 900 3ck turbo 1979 black .
no one liked to buy these cars.
i asked him the name of demolition center, but i arrived late.
my car was in place for sale from 1985!!!.
an more was black metallic !!!.
i restored it at original condition. and from 1994 i used it dayling.
in 2003 i stop it for another restore more carefully.
in 2000 i have bougth new engine and gear box from saab factory ( very luky...).
it has original wather injection.
you can see it in you tube : "resuming saab 99 turbo" realised last sunday.
now i have prepared each part carefully.
it is a lovely car.

Personal Notes

restore saabs now is my second job.
as soon i restore mine 900 aero gt sport 1993 and 900 cabrio aero special edition 1993 in black metallic paint original.
900 coupè is mine from 2000. 900 cabrio is mine from last year.