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Greg Abbott

  • City: Minneapolis
  • State: MN
  • VIN: 99781021091
  • Model Year: 1978
  • Build Date: Mar/1978
  • Mileage: 204,083 miles (328,440 kilometers)
  • Color: Red
  • Original Owner: No
  • Owner Since: 2004
  • Running: Yes
  • Current Use: In Restoration

As of Nov. 2008, my 99 Turbo is finally back on the road! I acquired a B turbo motor and transmission from a '79 900 Turbo parts car, and it is now installed in the car. The original motor is undergoing an extensive rebuild, and at some point it will be swapped back in, but at least the car can now move under internal power.

The body is remarkably rust-free, although it does have several small surface spots and it generally shows the wear and tear of 30 years and 200,000 miles. All things considered, the exterior is not too bad. The Inca wheels have turned from silver to white (because of sun exposure, I suspect).

The interior is well worn and needs work, both front seats are torn and faded. The rear seats are badly faded. The lower dash area, where the radio is, was cracked and support by a small wood support, with legs on either side of the center floor hump, by the previous owner.


My 99 turbo started life as a Nevada car, and seems to have lived most of its life near Reno, and then in Sacramento for awhile. The person I bought it from brought it out to Indiana, where upon he installed a new clutch, and then the head gasket went. Unfortunately, he then parked the car for seven years without removing the head. There was significant rust and pitting in the number four cylinder, necessitating the rebuild discussed above.

I bought it off eBay in a non-running condition in the summer of 2004, and have stored it awaiting restoration since then.

My plan is a rolling restoration, and weekly use during the summer and fall (storing in the winter, to stay away from the Minnesota road salt).

In the meantime, though, the goal is to get it able to move under its own power - which will make storing it and moving it much, much easier.