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Car Details

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Christopher Mills

  • City: Salsburgh
  • State: North Lanakshire
  • Model Year: 1978
  • Mileage: 86,000 miles (138,404 kilometers)
  • Color: Black
  • Original Owner: No
  • Owner Since: 2018
  • Running: Yes
  • Current Use: Driven Weekly

Current condition is pretty much perfect. It is not showroom condition but not far off it as this car is an original un restored example.


I bought this from Keith Squire (West Midlands) He has owned this from new, sold the car in 1980 and bought back not long after (1981 I think) and now it is in my hands. The car has been very well maintained only needing some paint work and general mechanical maintenance.

Personal Notes

Hope to own this car for most of my life and will continue to keep it looking nice.