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Car Details

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Stuart Maier

  • City: Oklahoma City
  • State: OK
  • VIN: 99781027428
  • Model Year: 1978
  • Build Date: Jun/1978
  • Mileage: 57,451 miles (92,458 kilometers)
  • Color: Silver
  • Original Owner: Yes
  • Owner Since: 1978
  • Running: No
  • Current Use: In Restoration

The car has been stored outdoors and has extensive interior and exterior sun damage to the plastic parts, needs paint and interior panel/dash repair.


I purchased this car new. It was rear-ended in 1983 and was nicely repaired. While in shop it became second car and was driven fewer and fewer until the turbo seized. I installed a rebuilt turbo which blows oil and engine smokes badly. I have new turbo and am planning on a restoration.

Personal Notes

How time flies. I cannot find tires of the original size. If anyone can help on whether wider/higher profile tires will work or who the best parts sources are, your input will be appreciated.